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Easy resource acquisition/disposal with yield returns

I love C#’s using keyword for quick resource acquisition/disposal. Together with foreach, it’s one of the first syntactical sugar pieces baked into C# and it’s a boon for keeping code tight, readable and maintainable. On top of the classic usages … Continue reading

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ColdTask implementation for Windows 8

Tasks in Windows 8 are used all over the place – they are a really great way of getting things done asynchronously. Sometimes though, you find yourself wanting to change the way these tasks execute. Most .NET tasks are “hot” … Continue reading

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Turn any UserControl into a pleasing Dialog/Flyout in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a somewhat extended Message box functionality – you can control the text on the message box and the content of the buttons. However, for Flyouts and arbitrary content, there’s no easy mechanism to use. WinRT does, … Continue reading

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