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Five concepts that completely changed how I write code

(Note that the dates in this post are approximate and are when I discovered said concepts – they may have been around for a while by then, but it may have taken me time to learn about them) Every developer … Continue reading

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Weak Event implementation that works for any event type

(Download at the bottom) Edit: Thanks to Marcelo, in the comments, we found a pretty basic issue with the implementation. Since we were weak-referencing the delegate, it would go away too soon. We changed the code to hold a weak-reference … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Change Resiliency – Javascript

In the previous post, I discussed how you can use XPath to solve a lot of resiliency issues with external dependencies. In this post, I will show how to use Javascript (through JINT) to write parts of your code in … Continue reading

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New blog for us! Targeted at developers.

We decided to splinter the dev content we have on our main blog to this one instead. That way, our users who are not developers are not going to have to slog through posts they care nothing about!

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