DEP0500 and DEP1000 errors when deploying Windows Store apps from VS

One of my biggest problems is that I have a horrendous memory. For everything. From forgetting my coat to remembering to pay my credit card on time. Just terrible. For programming-related issues, my memory is not so terrible, but still pretty darn bad.

A few days ago, I started having issues when deploying files from VS on my Windows 8 machine (same machine, running in Simulator or Local). Every 3 or 4 executions/runs, Visual Studio will tell me that it could not deploy the file because it was in use (or because it’s directory was in use – sometimes one, other times the other).

I did all the usual things. Restarted VS, rebooted the computer etc. Nothing really helped – every few executions I was forced to restart VS. Using Process Explorer showed me that yes, indeed, VS was keeping a hold on the handle.


The thing that drove me up the wall was that I vaguely remembered running into a similar issue a few months back and for the life of me could not remember what I did to fix it.

Then… Late at night.. Some random neuron fired. Which allowed 2 other neurons to fire. Which caused a cascade of neurons to transmit electricity slowly through my brain, which allowed my faulty memory to surface what I did last time..


Next time this happens to you, simply tell VS to reset all it’s settings. Tools\Import Export Settings/Reset Settings.

That’s it. Did that, restarted VS and the problem went bye bye.


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